E-mail Server

Email has become the primary communications tool for most businesses. A disruption to your email communications can have a significant impact on your business resulting in loss of business and loss of clients. Now-a-days messaging requirements have evolved with users requiring access to email practically from anywhere. A reliable and scalable messaging infrastructure is of huge importance to ensure that your employees can efficiently communicate and collaborate with instant and anywhere access to email, calendar, tasks, shared folders and other resources.

Today Organizations need an email solution that is reliable, easy to manage, fully secure, cost effective & gives full control over their internal & external business communications.

Our email solution is for businesses of all sizes. We make it easy for you to manage your business email needs by providing powerful features you need to maximize the productivity of your business.

Supported Features:

* Web Mail Access
* SMTP/SMTPS support
* POP3/POP3S & IMAP/IMAPS support
* E-mail Forwards / Aliases
* Auto-responders
* Virus Scanning
* Spam and content filtering
* Create Mail users, Edit and Remove as per needs
* Junk mail control
* SSL and TLS Encryption
* Catch-All e-mail account facility

A centralized messaging infrastructure can play an important part in making your employees communicate, collaborate and work more effectively and efficiently.