Web Accelerator

A Web Accelerator is a proxy server that reduces web site access times. It collects, compress and then deliver content from the web servers to the end-users. Web Acceleration is acheived via caching frequently accessed objects, dns lookups, pre-fetching, HTML/JavaScript code optimization, etc

Web Accelerator is deployed in front of web servers and application servers ( Reverse Proxy) and use a variety of techniques to improve performance to all users accessing the web sites . It has the added benefit of off-loading transactions and connection managements from the web or applications servers and hence, reducing its CPU utilisation and increasing application scalability to handle more users with less bandwidth.

Web Accelerator Features

-- can reduce load on its origin servers by caching static content
-- can optimize content by compressing it in order to speed up loading times
-- serve more requests for static content and thus free up bandwidth to serve more dynamic content
-- reduce operating expense by increasing bandwidth
-- decrease response time of web pages and accelerate download time, enhancing the experience of web site users
-- can distribute the load from incoming requests to several servers - load balancing
-- can hide the existence and characteristics of the origin server(s)
-- can be used whenever multiple web servers must be accessible via a single public IP address