Wi-Fi Hotspot Management

A Hotspot is a site that offers Internet access over a wireless local area network through the use of a router connected to a link to an Internet service provider. Hotspots typically use Wi-Fi technology.

The hotel and hospitality industry can be said to be all about satisfying customer service needs on a regular and consistent basis. The internet has become most people and traveler' major communication medium - taking over for telephone, fax or even their mobile cell phones.

Today wireless internet access plays a significant role in guest satisfaction and retention. Wi-Fi access increasingly becoming a must-have for business and customers demanding it. By deploying Wi-Fi Hotspot you can attract people to your location, generate additional revenue and create a private network for your own use.

Our Hotspot solution is ideal for Hotel, Motel, Cafe, Restaurant, Airport, Conference Rooms and other sites that commonly host business travelers.It is all about giving you unprecedented control on your own hotspot. It helps in building a secure and user-friendly Internet access experience to customers and provides an easy web based interface for administrators to manage billing plans, voucher management, reporting, access control, user management and Wi-Fi Hotspot advanced monitoring.


# IP Plug and Play Technology
# Complete AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting)
# High Level Security
# User-friendly and Powerful Management Tools
# Status Monitoring
# Web Log Reports
# Bandwidth Management
# Walled garden
# Zero Configuration for End-Users

Usage Areas

* Airport
* Beach
* Business Center
* Cafe
* Government Office
* Health Club
* Hospital
* Hotel
* Internet Cafe
* Library
* Schools / Colleges/ Universities
* Shopping Malls

Our Wi-Fi Hotspot Management Solution is powerful yet flexible for improving browsing experience, performance, security, usability and manageability thereby overcoming most of the issues caused by open wireless networks